November 9, 2014

Topsail Island

Topsail Island Real Estate

Topsail Island NC: Offering pristine white sand beaches and three fun-filled seaside communities, Topsail Island is a 26-mile-long barrier island with mass appeal and easy access to Coastal North Carolina’s mainland towns. Just off U.S. Highway 17, the island is conveniently located about half an hour’s drive from both Jacksonville and Wilmington.

Interestingly, according to local lore, Topsail Island derives its name from the area’s 18th century pirate ships. The pirates would hide their ships in the island channels, hoping to ambush passing ships. The pirate ships’ topmost sails were visible above the landscape, leading merchant ships to shout out to crew to watch for top sails. That seafaring heritage continues on in many of Topsail Island’s towns and traditions.

Topsail Island NC Lifestyle

Topsail Island enjoys moderate temperatures for most of the year and relatively warm water temperatures, so outdoor aquatic activity is available nearly year-round. There are a number of events highlighting Topsail Island’s less well-known gems, such as its local vineyards and artist community. The northern portion of Topsail Island is called North Topsail Beach, the center section is Topsail Beach and the southern section is Surf City.

North Topsail Beach

At the northernmost point of Topsail Island lies North Topsail Beach, with 900 full-time residents enjoying the town’s many activities. A favorite amenity is North Topsail Beach’s bike and pedestrian path that runs from Town Hall to the beach park.

Topsail Beach

Topsail Beach has a welcoming, generous spirit that attracts families, seniors and tourists alike. Preserving the area’s natural environment and beauty is a top priority so high-rise developments are prohibited. The town’s gorgeous beach isn’t its only draw. An excellent fishing pier and a bevvy of restaurants, gift stores and a missile museum keep residents and tourists entertained and active throughout the year.

Surf City

Surf City is the largest town on Topsail Island and is the home to a variety of activities, retail shops and amenities. Boat tours, kayaking, surfing, playing on the beach or enjoying a free concert are just a few favorite activities in the town.

Homes For Sale on Topsail Island North Carolina

Topsail Island offers prime waterfront properties in all three of its communities, on the Atlantic Ocean side as well as on its wetlands side. Waterfront condominiums, single family homes and grand $1 million estates are all available along Topsail Island’s 26 miles.

Property on Topsail Island is generally considered more affordable than in other coastal communities and has regularly appreciated over the years. With its superb influx of visitors needing housing during the tourist season and its affordable market, Topsail Island is considered an excellent investment.

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